17 May 2010

Just Getting Started

Hello Everyone.
This will be my "business" Blog.
My "business" being Cake Decorating.
Right now its a hobby, that I'd like to make more as a job.
I've been taking classes as part of the Wilton program.
I will be adding photos of what I have done very soon.
I am willing to try more things then what it just shown.
Give me a job, I'll do it.

I'm a Stay-at-Home-Mommy for 2 Toddlers.
Married 4 yrs as of July 14th.
I love all forms of art, from drawings, written word, paintings, photos, crafts and well just EVERYTHING. I blame the Aquarius in me for this.

I cant wait to get to know everyone and to create your cake into a work of art.
Let's make our first impressions a delectable one