12 July 2010

Wilton again

I just signed up to take the NEW Wilton courses. I also signed my sister up. She is gonna be my little helper. I am studying like crzy my Event planning material. Sis is doing research on opening a business. We are some busy Little bee's around here.
I have started working again, at my old convience store. It's nice, keeps me busy. I tried to make a 4th of July cake, just so i could post pics on here here for all of you. But alas as I went to put my Finishing touches on it, once again my 3 & 2 Yr olds decided they would rip into it, leaving not one side decent for a photo... But be sure there will be many more cakes soon. I have 2 birthdays in August. My Sister and my Mother in law. Least the two I get to make a cake for.
I will be leaving on my annual "honeymoon" Thursday evening. I am excited. We are going to Orlando. But we are going to live it up "cheaply". We found a hotel for 30$ a night, I found a dinner theatre with a 1/2 off coupon that has an all you can eat and all you can drink (alcohol). We will do Old Town, which is free to get into. Then of course we have the boardwalks such as Downtown Disney, and City Life. We are excited, its the one time a year it is just me and Kyle. to reconnect, and recharge our "love" batteries to get us through the next year.

Well everyone enjoy your weekend.
I know I will.

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